"Truly the best classes I have ever attended. My only regret is that I didn't take the training from them sooner. No fluff, filler, or extraneous material, just hard-hitting nuts and bolts of the profession. Gladly would have paid triple the price." Ryan Emerson - Digital Forensic Examiner

"I attended a well-known class from one of your competitors. I speak for many students when I say that I learned more in the first day of your course than I did in an entire week of the other course." Allan Womac - Evidence Technician

"A co-worker of mine and student of yours is planning to dedicate his personal time off taking training from you again - this speaks volumes of you and your courses." Paul Rodvik - H.P. Corporate Backup Services

"It is rare to find an instructor who is both a good teacher and a true expert in his field. Your teaching style has really sparked my interest in network/computing security." John Bell - The Boeing Company

"I believe I speak for all of your students when I say THANKYOU for all that you do. You show a true dedication to your students and their success - a dedication I have never seen in any other instructor." Donny Neil - The Boeing Company

"I look forward to taking many more classes from you, as you have proven yourself to be one of the true 'Subject Matter Experts' that the entire IT industry builds their certification criteria on. Thanks." James Gotner - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

"You are not just being taught the fundamentals but are being instructed on how to approach forensics work like a 20 year veteran would. Invaluable training!" Frank Dauenhauer -ICT Security Manager -Aurenav

"I wish I would have known about your course sooner. Now after many months of wasted time and money, I'm finally on the right track." Allan Womac - Evidence Technician

"Mike and Steve have a wealth of forensic knowledge and "real life" professional experience that, when layered onto the CHFI, creates a potent training experience not available anywhere else.  If you want expert training by true experts in the forensic field, Mike and Steve can deliver." Gregg Braunton - Regional Information Security Officer

"These guys are world-class. Superb training, and they helped me solve a Cybercrime case during the week!" Special Agent - Federal Agency

"This was not my first course from CyberSecurity Academy, nor will it be my last.  These gentlemen are amazing instructors that truly are subject matter experts." Tracy Stanley - Information Technology System Specialist

"There is no better place to take a cyber-security class than CyberSecurity Academy!  Steve Hailey and Mike Andrew bring years of experience in the digital forensics area to their classes, and teach not only the class materials but also what it's like to really work on a case. Passing my CHFI certification directly led to my securing a contract position in cyber security with a large government agency." Dennis York - Cyber Security Analyst

"Steve and Mike are great instructors. I learnt a lot and because of them the notes that I took in class made studying for the exam very easy." Neumann Lim - Computer Systems Specialist

"This is the third class I have taken from Steve and Mike and the standard keeps rising! These guys are all about ensuring the student walks out with the BEST training experience possible and they do it CONSISTENTLY! With one of their classes, you won't be disappointed! THANKS!!!!" Jeffrey L Colorossi - CISO

"The class was excellent. Steve and Mike are fabulous instructors and I appreciate everything they did for me." Casey Tilton - Security

"The instructors do a great job in focusing on the important facts in the course materials while providing hands on time to learn and reinforce the core concepts. Their practical knowledge has been earned through years of experience. It is clear that they never take their eyes off of the football and clearly know their stuff. Anyone with an interest in digital forensics would be well served by attending any of their courses." James Clark - Systems Engineer

"!): This was not my first course from CyberSecurity Academy, nor will it be my last. These gentlemen are amazing instructors that truly are subject matter experts." Tracy Stanley - Information Technology Systems Specialist

Computer Forensics Fundamentals



CLASS LOGISTICS AND LOCATION: Class times are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. Unless otherwise noted, all classes will be held in Lynnwood Washington at Edmonds Community College. Specific classroom locations will be emailed to you once you enroll. The closest airport is Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac). Information on lodging can be found here.

Note! Your instructors are internationally recognized and sought out computer forensics experts whose students work for fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, and federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

This class is designed for anyone interested in learning more about computer forensics. One does not need to be working in an information technology related field to attend - this class is open to all, technical and non-technical alike. The focus for this one-of-a-kind course will be the various aspects of computer forensics and what working as a digital forensic examiner entails.

You'll be taken through an actual computer forensics case as seen through the eyes of an expert, and you will become conversant in computer forensics terminology as well as gain an understanding of what computer forensics experts actually do. As many computer forensics cases now involve Internet technologies, we will also be discussing some items that are normally overlooked as well as misinterpreted by many experts.

Who Should Attend:

  • Computer Enthusiasts
  • Compliance Officers
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Fans of the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Television Series
  • Incident Response Personnel
  • Information Security Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Legal Professionals
  • Network Administrators and Architects
  • System Administrators


Course Topics Include:

  • The CSI Effect
  • Data storage, hard drives and media
  • Computer forensics procedures
  • Computer forensics experts - how do you become one?
  • Where can evidence be found?
  • What can really be recovered after it is deleted?
  • How is data recovered from damaged hard drives?
  • What can I do to assure my deleted data cannot be recovered?
  • Much more!
Could your company or organization benefit from this training for your staff? Contact us for on-site group rates. We also have a version of this course for attorneys that is approved for CLE's by the Washington State Bar Association.